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Nubry Editors Give Spring Style Advice

Here at Stylitics we have asked Nubry’s editors, Britt and Gretchen Hackmann, for a few style tips that would simplify our transition to spring and showcase what trends are emerging at the closet level. As it turns out, refreshing spring style can easily be achieved with the incorporation of wardrobe items most of us already own, along with the addition of several trend pieces that are starting to pop up in Stylitics closets daily.  See how Britt and Gretchen showcase a few of these items to update their spring look!


It’s April and spring is finally here!  This means, ladies, that it’s high time to pack away your leather skinnies, chunky sweaters, and fur vests.  Not to worry though, we’re here to mitigate your wardrobe stress and help make the transition to spring as simple as can be by incorporating standout pieces like prints, bright colors, and lightweight pants.   

Below, we’ve defined 3 key spring trends that will instantly update your look and have you welcoming the season with open arms and a big smile.  By adding pieces you already own to your Stylitics Closet, you will be able to quickly identify where the gaps are in your wardrobe.  Complete each look below and tweet us @nubry with your favorite spring trend!

1. Prints - Wearing a print such as stripes, florals, or polka dots is a refreshing way to show off your excitement for spring.  Polka dots are an especially popular trend this season and can be worn head to toe, if desired, or in small doses like a scarf.  Polka dots come in tiny prints, but they also come in really large prints! Experiment with your dot combination - they are fun and timeless!  If you’re feeling weary about this classic trend, try a polka dot bikini in a bright color…we promise the compliments will roll in! How To Wear Polka Dots.

2. Colored Bottoms - Colored denim is all the rage!  Come on, we know you’ve seen many-a-colorful legs walking around town.  There is nothing like a brightly colored pair of jeans that fits great.  And, with all of the options available, you’re guaranteed to find a pair that feels comfortable and stretches in all the right places. Instead of pairing a colored top with original blue denim jeans, we recommend that you wear a neutral-colored top with bright colored jeans.  Immediately refresh your blue denim look with this versatile day-to-night colored skinnies ensemble! How To Wear Colored Skinnies

3. Palazzo Pants - Palazzo pants, also known as wide leg trousers, are a favorite spring item especially during this transition period.  For a “look-at-me” statement, choose a pair in bright neon, or for a more subdued look, opt for a pastel or a soft blush.  These pants are so comfortable and yet so stylish that you’ll want to strut your stuff around the country club.  Don’t make it brain surgery, palazzo pants look best when styled with a simple tank top, sheer sweater, or boxy crop top.  How To Wear Palazzo Pants.

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