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Closet of the Week: Kate Voegele!

This week, we’ve decided to feature the closet of one of our favorite style icons, singer/songwriter and actress Kate Voegele.  Since picking up a guitar at age fifteen, she has released three studio albums, toured across the globe, and played her music as ‘Mia’ on four seasons of the CW hit show, ‘One Tree Hill.’ She had her design debut last year, releasing her first Signature Series sunglasses collection with Oakley.

And on top of all that, she has one of the most fashionable closets we’ve come across.  Her style is girly and chic and a little bit rockstar.  Here are some of our fave pieces!

More about Kate:

If I could wear one designer for the rest of my life, it would be: Vivienne Westwood.

My secret style crush is: Grace Potter. Total rockstar but with a sexy feminine edge.

My favorite person to shop with is: My sister Courtney. She’s super stylish, hilarious, & honest.

An item in my closet I can’t live without is: My All Saints leather jacket.

And her best piece of style advice?  Life is short. Get the shoes.

Browse and shop her closet to get her look!  What’s your fave item in her closet?

Stylitics Ambassadors Get Real with Singer/Songwriter and Style Icon, Kate Voegele

Last night, we hosted our Ambassador Speaker Series call with Kate Voegele, singer/songwriter, style icon, One Tree Hill star, and aspiring designer.  (She was self-admittedly clad in a cocktail dress she nabbed from one of her scenes on One Tree Hill!)  In addition to balancing a full workload writing songs for her upcoming album, Kate is also getting married in September and just got back from a trip to Italy. 

For having it all, this girl is surprisingly laid back, reminding us that the best way to get ahead is to stay true to yourself, your art, and to be fearless through it all. 

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Spotlight on our Style Corner Winner, Cara!

It’s no secret that it’s pretty much every girl’s dream to have a personal stylist, especially someone as well-versed in the latest trends as Kate Voegele!  So, when Cara, the final winner of our Style Corner contest, got to have her Stylitics closet personally styled by Kate Voegele herself, I think I speak for everyone when I say that I turned a little bit green.

But cast your jealousy aside, because Cara has graciously decided to spread the wealth and share her style advice with all of us!  Read below for some great advice from Kate and notes on personal style from Cara!

Stylitics: How would you describe your personal style?

Cara: Becoming more classic. I find myself living in fisherman sweaters, striped shirts, and fitted pants. But I still try to incorporate a few trends into the rotation, like a chambray shirt under my sweater or a maxi skirt with one of my striped shirts.

S: What is some of the advice that Kate gave you for ramping up your wardrobe this season?

C: Kate suggested trying to incorporate pops of bright colors, especially tangerine which she said is the “color of the year.” She also suggested using fun collars to dress up an outfit.

image via

S: How will you incorporate her suggestions into your style?

C: I have a ton of closed-toe flats and no summer shoes. Kate suggested Sam Edelmen shoes, and they’ve got a great simple summer sandal that I think I’m going to get in neon yellow. Plus, I’ve seen some adorable DIY Peter Pan collars in the blogosphere (here’s a great one!). I’m definitely going to try to make one or two. Kate’s totally right. They seem like such an easy way to add a little quirk to a sundress or tee shirt!

S: What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?

C: I think watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the best piece of style advice any woman can receive! If there is anything in the world that’s going to convince you to invest in gorgeous, classic pieces, it’s seeing how chic Audrey Hepburn still looks in that black dress, her trench coat, and those slim cut trousers.

S: What’s one trend that you’re dying to try for summer?

C: Only 1? I really really want a simple, structured white day dress that is still effortless to wear. (I also love the resurgence of polka dots, and I’m really into neon jeans still too!)

S: And the question we’re all dying to ask: how are you going to spend your gift card?

C: This is kind of boring, but some of the gift card went to getting a new suit from J.Crew. But then the rest of it went to a pair of bright green skinny jeans!

Thanks so much for sharing, Cara!  Sounds like you got some awesome advice and some cool new threads!

What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?  Tell us in the comments!

5 Questions with Kate Voegele

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in your closet, and feel like you have nothing to wear?  Me too.  So today I sat down with singer-songwriter, “One Tree Hill” alum, and fierce fashionista (yes, I just used the word “fierce” non-ironically) Kate Voegele to get the low-down on her amazing personal style how to get inspired.

Oh, and did I mention she has a Style Profile?

1)      Who are your fashion icons?

KV: Helena Bonham Carter has to be one of my biggest fashion icons. No one rocks a Vivienne Westwood dress quite like she does, and she’s definitely not afraid to take risks. There’s just something so elegantly whimsical about her fashion choices. I also adore Audrey Hepburn’s timeless class, the way Miroslava Duma plays with color, and Cory Kennedy’s ultimate embodiment of indie rocker chic.

2)      How has your personal style changed over the years?

KV: I grew up in a little suburb in Ohio, so needless to say everyone around me was decked out in Abercrombie galore growing up. I always liked to be different and stand out, and when I was in high school I’d buy all my clothes in New York when I took trips out there to play gigs. I loved that nobody had the vintage finds and cool up-and-coming young designer pieces I could get there. I think as I grew up and started to travel a lot for my music, that really dictated the evolution of my style. It started with New York, and then I spent some time on the West Coast, then Paris and London and Rome…I think it all ended up swirling into one and landing me in a sort of boho ballerina meets vintage rock chic realm. (I love this!)

3)      What advice do you have for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear?

KV: This happens to all of us far too often doesn’t it? For me on those days, if I’m in a big hurry, I have my go-to outfits that I know will work and are staple combinations. If I have more time on my hands, I love to get inspiration from fashion blogs to find looks that I can create with similar pieces in my own closet. Sometimes it ends up reminding me of things I forgot that I have! Looking to other stylish people for inspiration can help me completely repurpose a skirt or see a top in a totally new context. 

4)      What’s the biggest fashion faux pas you’ve ever made?

KV: There are far too many to count when you perform music onstage for a living. As artists, we tend to think that gives us a ‘get out of jail free’ card, but looking back on photos of early gigs I’m ashamed to say it does not! My worst phase was when I first started playing live and would over-accerssorize like nobody’s business, and not in a good way. I’d put on a red costume jewelry big beaded necklace… with matching red earrings, matching red belt, matching red bracelet, matching red shoes… not OK. 

5)      What’s your favorite item in your closet and why?

KV: My favorite item in my closet is a vintage Chanel scarf my mom bought me for my 22nd birthday. I don’t get to wear it often because it’s so bright and colorful and really speaks for itself, but it’s a beautiful design with big, bold primary colors, and I absolutely love it. When I do wear it, I feel so vibrant but very elegant at the same time.

Thanks so much for the style advice, Kate!  To follow Kate’s style, check out her Style Profileand make sure you add items to your closet for a chance to win a personal styling session with Kate and a $250 gift card!!

Happy Friday.

Style Profile - Showcase Your Style

Am I the only one who is secretly relieved that New York Fashion Week is over? Did I say that out loud? Come on, admit it, you are a little intimidated by the Fashion Week madness as well. I usually put this much pressure on my wardrobe choices and myself only when I am getting ready for a date. Think about it. New York Fashion Week comes and goes, wreaks havoc not only on designers, fashion brands, and editors, but also on regular fashion lovers like you and me. 

Being confident in my own body and sense of style, I get self conscious about what I am wearing just for those ten days. My Twitter feed, Facebook and reading list goes fashion-mad with instantaneous commentary and pictures from the runway as aspiring fashionistas spill over NYC streets. While all the glamour, color and crazy [good and bad] outfits are incredibly exciting, at the end it feels nice to throw on skinny jeans, riding boots, and my favorite scarf without obsessing over accessory coordination or hair styling (I am the laziest person on Earth when it comes to that).

However what NYFW does for me personally is that it stretches my fashion mind while taking my personal style to a new level. As a result, I [the queen of practicality] bought a white coat, something that I refused to do my whole adult life. Fashion and style as we all know is subjective and extremely personal. Here at Stylitics we advocate and celebrate individual choices, we empower our users to exercise their own sense of style. However taking our cue from NYFW, we couldn’t rest without providing an alternate point of view as well.

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